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Mason Foster Being Interviewed By An NFL Scout At The Senior Bowl

Mason Foster remains one of the fastest rising prospects as we lead up to the 2011 NFL Draft.  After the season he was identified as a possible fifth round pick by ESPN’s Draft expert Mel Kiper, but following a tremendous post-season, most are projecting him to be selected in the 2nd or 3rd round.  Below are some of the recent articles and projections on Mason:

Seattle Times: Foster’s Stock Just Keeps Rising

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Foster’s Stock Rising As He Visits Rams

ESPN’s Todd McShay Rankings: Foster a Top 5 LB

Dan Pompei: Foster Among My Personal Favorites

Denver Post: Broncos Could Target Foster On Second Day of Draft

Todd McShay Mock Draft: Foster to Jacksonville in 2nd

Wes Bunting Mock Draft: Foster in 2nd to Denver

Giants Could Select Foster In 2nd

Chargers Select Foster in 3rd Rd. Of Bleacher Report Mock

SJ Mercury News: Foster Ranks 3rd Among Bay Area Prospects

Sporting News: Foster Would Be Good Fit For Titans

Mocking The Draft: Foster To Tampa Bay

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