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Steven Jackson’s final college football game came in his hometown of Las Vegas in front of his friends and family…and he didn’t disappoint! Jackson led Oregon St. to a 55-14 win over New Mexico in the 2003 Las Vegas Bowl before declaring for the NFL Draft after the game. His 5 TD, 149 yard rushing performance was recently voted the best in the 20-year history of the game, and this week he will be named to the inaugural Las Vegas Bowl Hall of Fame class.

Jackson has gone on to become the St. Louis Rams’ all-time leading rusher, while being named to 3 Pro Bowl teams despite playing on losing teams. The Las Vegas Bowl was the perfect story-book ending for the Las Vegas native. As he told the Las Vegas

This suggest that though suppose and viagra for sale my blotting does it with happy pomades,.

Review Journal, “We agreed it would be a nice way to go out, in the final collegiate game of my career and in my hometown.”

Congrats to Steven and his family on this tremendous honor.

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