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Russell Allen, Jacksonville Jaguars

CSM is proud to announce that we have finalized a 3-year contract extension for Russell Allen with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Allen started six games in 2011, and averaged over 6 tackles per start.  He also added his first career sack and interception, to go with 3 tackles for loss, 2 passes defended and 2 forced fumbles.  Allen, who serves as the Jags’ back-up long-snapper and emergency kicker, was also a core special teams contributor.  He has recorded 136 tackles in his career, playing in all 48 games.  He has 15 career starts, and has game experience at Sam, Will and Mike.

We could not be more happy for Russell and his family.  He is a true undrafted free agent success story who earned every penny of this extension, and whose best football is in front of him.

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