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Jaguars linebacker Russell Allen thought he had his bell rung against the Bills in Week 15 last season. He played through the injury and double vision, but two days later found out he’d suffered a stroke on the field. A dead spot in his brain means he’ll never play football again.

CARLSBAD, Calif. [...]

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As the middle linebacker in the Tampa Two defense the Bucs are going back to under Lovie Smith, fourth-year vet Mason Foster should find more chances to make big plays

When Mason Foster visits his coach’s office at One Buccaneer Place, he’s confronted by the most decorated middle linebacker in franchise history. In [...]

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Linebacker Jordan Tripp might not be at the top of draft boards as NFL teams go through the final stages of the evaluation process. But after watching the Montana product during Senior Bowl workouts and getting a look at his tape, Tripp has the athletic ability, size and speed to develop into a starter at the pro level.


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Josh Mauro was like a lot of kids growing up in the area. He was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. He even attended the final game at Texas Stadium, a loss to the Baltimore Ravens in 2008. He hoped one day he would wear the star on his helmet.

Today Mauro, who played defensive line at Stanford after leaving [...]

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When the Eagles’ season opened in Washington last year, some pregame tosses involving backup quarterback Nick Foles and second-string tight end Zach Ertz didn’t catch many people’s attention.

What began as a casual pregame routine, however, developed as the season went on. And as the two began their rise to the top of the depth chart, [...]

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Our second installment examines the way a team finds a Rookie of the Year type talent in the draft. Buffalobills.com takes an in depth look at the lengthy scouting process that led the Bills to select Alonso in the second round of the 2013 NFL draft. Alonso was named PFWA Rookie of the Year following [...]

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