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CSM Gameplan

Every NFL player has different strengths, weaknesses, and challenges to overcome. That is why CSM creates a custom career “Gameplan” for each individual client. This gameplan acts as a road-map to ensure that your on-field and off-field goals are not only met, but exceeded.

CSM Services

CSM is a full service agency, meaning that we are there every step of the way, through good times and bad. From negotiating NFL contracts to helping with insurance, marketing, and travel planning, there is nothing too big or too small for us to assist our clients with.

  • NFL Contract Negotiation
  • NFL Draft Preparation
  • Marketing & Endorsements
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Social Media Planning & Oversight
  • Event Creation & Management
  • Charitable Oversight
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Assist with Real Estate, Car, & Jewelry Purchases
  • Interview Preparation
  • Football Camps
  • Financial & Tax Referrals
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Legal Referrals
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Crisis Management
  • Post Career Planning

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