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CSM provides our rookie clients with the best draft training in the nation, including speed and agility training, strength training, position and Combine drill instruction with former or current NFL players and coaches, flexibility and rehab care, Wonderlic and interview preparation, nutrition and lodging.

Because every individual is different, CSM offers clients the choice of training in an intimate one-on-one type of environment, a structured group setting, or at the player’s school.

The most effective way to vault up draft boards is by performing well at College All-Star games, the NFL Combine, pro days and individual pre-draft workouts.  CSM ensures that our clients are better prepared than any of their competitors.  While our clients are training, we work behind the scenes promoting our clients to all 32 NFL organizations.  With CSM’s customized Draft Gameplan, we have a proven track-record of improving our clients’ draft position.

In addition, CSM helps its clients gain media exposure prior to the NFL Draft with various marketing means, including production of promotional film projects like Before the Beginning With Chris Polk (2012).

Before the Beginning With Chris Polk

Mason Foster / Sporting News

Mason Foster / ESPN

Visit our YouTube Page to see examples of the highlight reels CSM produces for rookie clients.  http://www.youtube.com/caricsports

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