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A leader largely by example, three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Vincent Jackson asks only one thing of his fellow Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideouts: No matter the situation, always bring your A-game.

Chris Owusu has certainly complied.

Though he might be no better than third behind Kevin Ogletree and Tiquan Underwood in the battle for [...]

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Each and every Bucs training camp practice seems to have a star. One day it is Johnthan Banks, the next day it is Doug Martin, another day it is Mike Williams.

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Today, on offense, one could argue the star was wide receiver Chris Owusu.

The speedster from Stanford should [...]

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After running the fastest 40 yard dash of any WR at the 2012 NFL Combine, and finishing in the top 8 at the position in every other physical test, Chris Owusu was able to sit back an relax for the first half of the Stanford Pro Day today.  After watching his teammates test all morning, [...]

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CSM rookie clients Chris Owusu and Chris Polk stood out from the crowd at the NFL Combine last week.

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Owusu, the former Stanford standout WR/KR had one of the best weeks of any player at any position. His 4.36 official 40-yard dash was tied for 1st among WR’s, [...]

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